We were brought in to help visually communicate ClosingCorp’s suite of offerings, both online and offline. Through the web design process, we realized their existing visual branding needed to adjust in order to properly connect with their clients. While respecting some of the existing brand equity, Tribe themed it’s new design efforts to be more positive and uplifting in order to show optimism for the recovery of the housing market.

Website Design

We created a clean, modern and professional look for the website that spoke to both the company products and target markets.

Sub Page

Great effort was taken on the subpage layout and imagery to properly communicate, not only product offerings, but also market segments. The clients previous library of products were a bit disharmonious in regard to branding. With this undertaking we were tasked with creating a more cohesive look across the various products.

Pocket Folders & Insert Sheets

As an extension of the website, ClosingCorp asked us to update their marketing and sales collateral with the newly updating branding we designed for the website. We translated the online designs to offline materials for their sales folder and product sales sheets.

Online Advertising

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