A golfer’s only point of contact with the club is through the grip. Lamkin Grips has been innovating this important connection for over 90 years. Since 2011, Tribe been helping visually communicate the importance of quality, correct fitting grips while honoring the Lamkin brand.


Rebranding an 88-year old brand was not taken lightly. We were honored when we were given the opportunity to revitalize the logo. The primary objectives for the new logo were two-fold: 1) to increase legibility both in marketing and especially on the grip itself, and 2) to take the logo in a more modern direction that better matched the company’s cutting edge grip innovation and technology.

Responsive Web Design and Front-End Development

Lamkin entrusted us with the redesign of their website. They wanted a responsive site that looked and worked great on desktop, tablet and mobile. In addition to the site’s UI/UX design, visual design and all the site graphics, we also provided the front-end HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Product Page

Educational Pages

2015 Product Catalog

The 2015 Lamkin catalog marked the 90th anniversary of the company as well as the launch of their key product for the year. We pulled out all the stops and designed a beautiful catalog that utilized original photography and featured sandpaper texture UV, spot gloss UV and metallic inks.

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