In 2016, Lamkin Grips released SINK, their revolutionary new line of putter grips. The rubber grips are loaded with unique textures and patterns that ensure proper hand alignment. They come in various shapes and sizes to fit almost any style of play and preference.

Landing Page

The SINK grips have so many important features and details that an ordinary product page wasn’t enough. We created a special landing page to break-down how the SINK grip technology benefits a golfer’s short game.


We also designed pegboard hook product packaging for retail distribution.

Pocket Folder

We designed a comprehensive pocket folder with inserts for Lamkin’s partners and retailers. The folder detailed the broad technology used in the SINK grips, and the individual pages were reserved for to spotlight the differences and specs of each grip within the line.

Online and Offline Advertising

Advertising for the SINK line included print ads, digital magazine ads, trade ads, social media ads and posts as well as a full assortment of banner ads.

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